Juiced 2

  • Categoría: Car Games
  • Licencia: Free-demo
  • Tamaño: 1.63 MB
  • Sistema: w2000 wXP
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Spectacular car racing game.

Do you like the smell of burning rubber? Exhaust pipes smoking, motors growling? If so then you´ll enjoy Juiced 2, a world of sports racing cars. All the elements and configurations in this world are included: suspension, turbos, mechanical adjustments, brakes, etc. Change the parameters, look at the test results, and when you have your car ready, get to the circuits.

In Juiced 2 you´ll find no less than 47 spectacular cars with real licences, from small utiltities to powerful American sportscars, or elegant imported Japanese vehicles. The races take place on urban circuits. Other interesting qualities of this game are the damage system, on-line gaming options against other players, weather conditions, and of course tuning. Design the car of your dreams!

Juiced 2 gives you the chance to become a true artist. The on-line games offer a difficult to imagine experience. Juiced 2 is above all a world of cars, offering thousands of combinations in real time to create the vehicle of your imagination. Fight against verbal attacks and the nitro of your rivals, or you´ll lose your money, your car and your pride.

Juiced 2 also lets you connect to a community, join clans and participate in exciting races in teams that work to avoid the routine of championships.

It is important before starting to compete that you are familiar with the mechanics of your car and with the race tactics, although with this last one sometimes it´s better to learn as you go.

The basic Juiced 2 controls aren´t complicated: direction arrows to control the car, the R to reset and return to the asphalt, the V to change the view, and the spacebar to look in the rear view mirror. The graphic details of the cars and circuits are simply great. Definitiely a game that´s worth trying.


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